English Language Training

Online English Language Training by Affectively

Affectively offer English Language training using our own trainers to large organisations.

What is Affectively?

The team at Affectively have been designing and delivering online, immersive English language training programmes since 2005 when we built the worlds first Virtual World English School. Our training is used by organisations around the world and individuals from nearly 100 countries. 

English Language Training

How does it work?

Learners access our virtual learning platform using a computer and a broadband internet connection. Our software can be downloaded directly onto personal computers or pre-installed on company machines. Our application can be used by one person or multiple individuals.

Using an avatar (virtual self-representation), learners and instructors interact and collaborate in ‘3D’ virtual environments and speak to each other live using headsets.

We Offer:

Flexibility:  We can provide live classes 24 hours a day, to accommodate the busy schedules or irregular working hours of professionals.

Live teaching: Unlike e-learning, all our classes are taught live by highly qualified instructors from the UK or USA.  .

Faster: Our virtual learning environment, specialised methodology and highly skilled instructors ensures that the average learner improves one level after 30 hours of immersive classes.

Cost-effectiveness: Employees in multiple locations can study together in one online loacatoin.

High levels of engagement: On average trainees spend 12 hours per more than 12 hours per month studying with us, this is more than any other service.

Scalable: Easily scales to train tens or thousands of users.

Consistent training across the workforce: Train employees in multiple locations simultaneously


Custom Training courses 

Do your employees need to know English for a specific reason? What ever their needs or requirements, our experts can produce a suitable course ensuring you maximise your budget and expenditure.


English Language Training

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Our team have delivered training to organisations and students from more than 90 countries.

English Language Training